It’s Spring!

Today is the first day of spring!  Soon many plants in the rosaceae family will be blooming.  Then later on come much of our anticipated favorite fruits.  One of the reasons this familywashington-monument-929141_1920 of plants is very popular.  Four subfamilies are broken up primarily on their fruit.  Spiraeoideae (ex. Spirea) with follicles in which their dry fruits open to the side.  Rosoideae (ex. Roses) with achenes in which their dry fruits that don’t open.  Amygdaloideae (ex. Plums) with drupes or fruits which have fleshy stone fruits, and lastly, Maloideae (ex. Apples) with pomes or fruits in which the hypanthium becomes fleshy.  This time of year, though, it is all about the blooms.  From Japan to Washington D.C. cherry trees are prized for their fragrant and beautiful pink and white blooms.  In fact on March 27, 1912 the first two (of 3,020) cherry trees in Washington D.C. were planted by the First Lady Helen Herron Taft and the Japanese ambassador’s wife Viscountess Chinda.  In 1934 the first “Cherry Blossom Festival” was held, and has since has been held around this time of year.  According to the blooming is expected to happen between March 19-22 so if you are in the area check it out!





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