Learning about my sapling…

Growing a seed apple-tree-1483246_1920seems easy, right?  Give it moisture and put it in a pot of dirt. Then when its big enough plant it outside.  Or so I thought.  I had been given a small sapling apple tree of some sort, which I already planted in the fall and am just realizing now there is more too it then that.  For one thing, you have to plant them by twos because they can’t self-pollinate. Opps!  Also you need to give them 30 feet of space.  Double oops!  Another wise tip is to plant a species appropriate for your zone. Hmm…I guess I need to figure out what I have.  So I have some work to do this spring!  If you want to start an apple tree keep in mind the species.  Maybe use seeds from a local orchard apple you’ve been storing all winter in your fridge.  That way it will be just like nature for them and they will be synchronized with the actual seasons.  The sapling will need full sun and good soil drainage.  One surprise is that you may not get the same apples as the one you grew the seeds from.  It may be another species from the same lineage.  Hold off on pruning the first few years.  Another interesting tip is that the branches should not be less than 35 degrees from the trunk.  If one is it will have to be “trained” by tying it down almost vertically to stakes in the ground for a couple weeks.  Good luck growing your apple trees!






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