Characteristics of the rosaceae family

The rosaceae family has about 100 genera and 3,000 species found all over the world.  About half the genera are found here in North America.  Although the species vary drastically, from the hard pit of the peach to the outer seeds on a strawberry, they have characteristicapple-tree-429213__340s that make them in the same family.  Their leaf pattern can vary from simple to pinnate, but all their leaves are oval with serrated edges.  Their flowers typically contain five separate sepals with around the same number of petals.  In the center is a minimum of five stamen or multiples of five stamen.  The various sets of stamen or pistils that can be found in the center, contribute to the characteristic fuzzy center.  This family is also known for the fleshy fruits produced.  Think of apples, pears, peaches which we snack on each day. What we might forget is that some species in this family also produces false fruits, dry seeds, capsules and follicles.



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