Some history on roses…

rose-843539_1280There are around 120 species of roses although the exact number is unknown due to similarities between species.  Roses are by far the most beautiful of all flowers and the most popular when it comes to love.  Surprisingly red roses are not found in the wild. Typically a deep pink was the closest to red due to lack of the pigment in the genes pelargonidin.  It wasn’t until the 1930’s that a bright true red was bred due to a natural gene mutation. Those were then rapidly bred giving us the red roses we know today. Red China roses are also thought to contribute to the true red, unfading color in our roses today.

Blue roses have successfully been produced by the Japanese company Suntory Flowers.  For hundreds of years scientists tried but failed due to pH and cell shape of the flower effecting the transport of the pigment delphinidin from petunias.  Although the flower is more of a light violet it is the closest we have come to a blue rose.